In two days, Triz will turn 6 years old. We don’t have a grand celebration to begin with but our hearts are filled with thanksgiving. We have been blessed by a mighty kid so sound and healthy physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. She is growing amazingly each single day and the husband and I couldn’t ask for anything more beautiful.

I asked her what she wants on her birthday but she has been very firm since last year that she wants a baby sibling as a present. And since the baby sister will not come out until maybe first week of August, she said she’s skipping her birthday as the present she wants is arriving late. Lol. Seriously, this girl doesn’t ask for anything at all. She grew not used to receiving or asking for something as we didn’t expose her to any toys out there. Give her a book and she’s good!

Well, yesterday, I found something that’s great enough as a gift to our learning celebrant. We stopped by Goodwill Store to drop off something and I had to check out inside to find for good deals. Sure enough, this academic thingy caught my attention. It was just priced $8.99 at the Goodwill shelf and I took it right away. Triz was so ecstatic when she saw it! 😀


Looks really nice, right? I checked it online and learned that it is regularly priced around $40 so I thought I’ve gotten a really awesome deal! Such an exchange for the goodies we dropped off! Lol.

And what’s even nicer about this globe is that it illuminates! Plug it in and when you tap its base, it will give you a bright glimpse of the maps and texts.


I was thrilled myself for such find. I told Triz that it s my birthday present to her and she is overjoyed! This will be perfect as we continue learning World History together which is one of the courses in her First Grade Homeschool Curriculum. I have been meaning to buy one for her and yesterday was the perfect time to get it! 😉

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