I chatted with a friend of mine a couple hours ago who has buzzed me first to notify me of a particular question she has for me. When I signaled her than I am around and was available for a quick chatting, she addressed me right away with her question: should she get her 7-year-old son an acoustic or an electric guitar? Of course, I was tempted to show her the link of the godin electric guitars at Musicians Friend that was currently on sale because I thought that the price was really worth grabbing. However, I eventually advised her to start from the scratch as beginners. That means it’s better to get her son a classical acoustic guitar as he starts with the guitar  and then will just move to the electric guitar if her son would decide later on that the former is his most preferred. It will be hard though to choose for the good classical guitar that will be affordable but because her son has expressed interest to start taking lessons, it will be worth it!

How about you– what can you advise for guitar beginners? An electric or acoustic?