Ah… the privileges that a mommy gets to enjoy when she gives birth, right? Well, I know that in Philippines, we don’t have these to enjoy but I can’t say the same to some other countries in the world. Here in the US though, there are a lot of freebies and giveaways that a mommy gets to enjoy from pregnancy to postpartum, especially childbirth.

Aside from the so many hand-me-down clothes, blankets, shoes, and other baby accessories from friends, aside from the presents we received from our church family during the Baby Shower party, I got these Enfamil goodies as well given to me during the very first well-baby visit of Baby Tiara when she was 2 weeks old. The office of Dr. Reed, her pediatrician, gave these to me:


An Enfamil mommy’s bag!

With lots of good stuff inside!


Enfamil milk sample, toiletries, booklets, insulated bottle bag, etc.

I already told the nurse that accommodated us that I don’t need any Baby milk sample as I am exclusively breastfeeding my daughter but she insisted I’ll take it with me because it’s part of the package. So I did, and will just put this in a Balikbayan box. I bet kids back home in Philippines will enjoy this milkies!

Freebies, presents, and giveaways are one of the things I love during the motherhood-babyhood stage. It makes me feel I am so pampered and thought of. Which, I think is true. 🙂

How about you– did you get to enjoy the same, too?

My 210th of the 259/366 BPC