Having fun parlor games also make every occasion all the more fun and exciting and I do not only mean children’s birthday parties here. In fact, parlor games have evolved from being a mere attraction at a toddler’s kiddie party into being one of the most sought-after activities whenever there is a gathering, may that be a family reunion, a class reunion, a seminar, a formal business function, or a team building. Not only are they the most effective ice-breaker activities, they also make for one interesting group exercise that everyone can participate in, thereby improving the rapport amongst the participants, not to mention keeping those sleepy heads from drooping!

Red and Green Beer Pong Set

Fun parlor game prop

You can check out numerous online sites for fresh parlor game ideas. You might want to try one of those fun drinking games in your upcoming family reunion or that sexy tequila shots game at your friend’s bridal shower, or why not opt for one of those fun newspaper dance activities in your child’s third birthday. These are fun games for all ages and I bet both the children and the adults will enjoy them, just make sure to choose those which are appropriate for the participant’s age or add one that will require an adult-child tandem into the mix, too. Opt for those that require minimal props, as well, or if not make sure to prepare them ahead of time and make attention-grabbing ones to add in on the fun. Also, do not forget to prepare fun prizes for the contest winners to bring home!