There’s nothing fancy, really, but it’s worth thanking for. I am talking about the shopping spree that I have enjoyed today from the husband. And no, it didn’t happen at the mall or at my favorite Outlet stores. It was just at Walmart, a side-track from our regular grocery shopping every Friday. There was a rack marked clearance at the Kids’ and Women’s section and I spent some moments there while he refilled our gallons of water. And because clothes marked clearance are worth buying for me, I grabbed some. For myself and my daughters’.

We didn’t have enough time to roam around the store so it was just a shopping treat for my husband’s girls. End-of-summer clearance sale is coming up and for sure, there will be lots that are in store for me in the coming days ahead, shopping-wise! The husband and I have planned of going shopping when there are 80 to 90% sale that we can buy as our early preparation for next year’s trip to Philippines, if God wills.

While I consider shopping as my stress-reliever and therapy, the good-natured Triz, while we exited Walmart and passed by this avenue where some of those famous stores are situated, exclaimed:

“Ugghhh! I don’t like Kohl’s at all! I know you like going in there, Mang, but I don’t!” I asked here why after laughing so hard, and she answered, “Because all they got are clothes and anything fashionable. I don’t like shopping for clothes. I get bored inside Kohls after 10 minutes. I prefer Lowes and Menards and Home Depot.” When I asked her why again, she differentiated the three stores she mentioned as having great and interesting products displayed for house constructions, home makeovers, yard work, and stuff like that, unlike Kohls who have but clothes.

Sure enough, I can’t take this girl to my therapy at Kohls or any stores that have my fashion “taste”. I wonder if she’ll stay that way until then! Lol.

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