I miss my long hair. Right now, it’s neck-length and I can’t wait for it to grow long because the cold season is coming up and I am not pregnant anymore. Lol. See, those two things were the reasons why I cut my hair really short for two times in less than a year. In November of last year, my hair was this long (see me in the picture):

In my humble kitchen, when friends came over, impromptu! I was forced to cook something for them: Binignit it was! 😀

The picture above was taken during the final month of our waiting for my second pregnancy. A month later, it was a positive result so I told myself “this will be it! I’m gonna cut my hair really short because I promised way before that on my second pregnancy, I’ll have a different look by having my hair short. Besides, a short hair is easy to manage when pregnancy makes your days a drag.

In December last year was the final month of me having my long hair. It was this long:


Me, already 1-month-preggo with Tiara!

And then, I cut it just before the New Year. It was a story of letting go of my hair and of love because I donated my locks to an organization that accepts hair donation. See this post.

My short hair though grew really fast. It reached shoulder-length in the summer and I hated to take care of it because of pregnancy. Thus, I decided to cut it again, chin-length. I can’t remember if I took a photo of it but since then, I am growing my hair until now. The cold season is here again and a long hair helps a lot so I want it long, again. Besides, no more pregnancy for me so a long hair it will be from now on. 🙂 Actually, not really because my tradition is to cut my hair short when I go home to Philippines. But until then, I think I’ll lengthen my locks as longer much as I can!

My 230th of the 279/366 BPC