The impulsive shopper in me strike again! I didn’t really plan on buying a new bathroom rug set but when I passed by the Clearance Section of Walmart, I saw this Hello Kitty bath set that was on sale. Seeing its $9.00 price tag didn’t keep me off from it; instead, I found myself paying for it at the counter when I was done shopping for my needed stuff.

It is a good deal I insist! Hehe!

The reason why it was on sale, from the $21.99 original price was that there was one strand in the mat that got off.  It looked so defective already, but I cut it right after I got home and there was no sign of defectiveness anymore. Now, we are having a pink motif in our bathroom. Lol. The husband is not really into pinks, but he can’t blame himself for being surrounded with all girls in his home! Haha!