It is December 1st now– are you excited? Or, should I ask, are you up for it? So, what are your thoughts for the holidays? Any travel plans on your Christmas break? Have you started your Christmas preparations yet?

For the SAHM Collector, the clearest answer is, yes, the excitement is here, but nope, NO preparations just as yet, except for the photo holiday cards which I want to order soon to send to our family and friends for this year’s Christmas season. I might be trying’s designs for this year because they’re currently giving away some discount for holiday card orders.


Christmas Day is my favorite holiday in the past because it is the time when all of my family are gathered in one place. That was back then, when most of us lived in Philippines. Now, with some of us are scattered abroad, our get-together doesn’t happen physically anymore, only virtual. 

And so the holiday season is the perfect time for me to be sending in my holiday thoughts to my family. And friends. I do it regularly every year except last year ever since I lived here in the US.

Last year was the exception because I was so occupied around this time last year from my classes. I had to mind all my school works so I missed preparing a photo to be personalized as a holiday card. I don’t want it to happen again this time so I will be starting my designing and printing of it soon!