It’s Autumn now and winter is due so soon. If there is anything I need to change for the stuff here it at home, today and the coming days ahead are the best times to do it since the season demands preparation before the cold days will come. For one, swithart needs to fix the roof of the laundry room outside, the one that was damaged when the huge dead tree trunk fell during that one day’s strong windy day. For that, he needs one of the tools and painting supplies that has. He actually only needs a power grinder since most of the tools he can borrow from our very good friend Jerry who is going to help swithart with the task, too. Then, for the yard outside still, as most of you know, Ma and Pa are not gonna be here come winter since they’re on a six-month-vacation to the Philippines, so a snow blower would be perfect for us without Papa to keep on plowing every little snow that would fall from our pathway.

And this one appliance in our laundry room is very important! The washing machine! The other day when our housemate Nini did the laundry, the washer just was acting up. It didn’t let the load of laundry be done, it just kept turning the clothes without rinsing and just was unbelievably frustrating. Nini said it’s time for a new one since it’s already been three years since it was purchased. Ahh… she suggested to find one online, and I quickly browsed’s housewares and home maintenance section. If all will be well, everything of my home needs will be fixed today and in the coming days, hopefully, before snow season comes!