As a woman, my closet includes a collection of hosiery, stocking, tights, leggings, and socks. In the winter, these collections are very much needed especially when our temperatures here would drop down to below freezing. My daughter, who is just like me– a big-time shopper, already knows that any deals on these collections is a sold out to me! Thus, when we shop together and she sees the bargained hosiery first, she would immediately let me know because she is sure that it will be added to my cart.

However, my collection of these women thingy is just nothing compared to my friend’s who is a model. That’s right, I have a friend who is a part-time model and her job lets her wear these accessories regularly. With that being said, the site of Alex Blake which has the widest collection of Pretty Polly pantyhose, hosiery, stockings, leggings, tights, and stuff will be very relevant to her.

If this collection sounds similar to yours, then the site I’ve mentioned will be “in” to you as well!