Well, yeah! If I would be collecting figurines- I choose swans or ducks or birds as the kinds that I will be collecting! I love anything with wings because it signifies freedom for me!

And then, this swan made of Honeydew Melon posed for me one night at church during our Bible Prophecy Seminar! It was so cute and beautiful that I had to take a snap of it! πŸ˜‰


And yes, it made me like Honeydew Melon even more! πŸ˜€

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I am so glad to be back at Blog Photo Challenge after being absent for two days over the weekend. My visitors here at home occupied my time so I skipped minding my blogs for four days. Now that we are visitors-free, I will try to mind my tasks and religiously do the BPC challenge as May comes! It’s been a blast keeping up with this daily challenge and I hope to be able to maintain the soar while I am able.

This is myΒ 115th entry and on this last day of April is the 121st of the 366 BPCΒ at Chie’s Blogger Notes. Missing 6 days in the last four months of the year is not bad, is it? Congratulations to me! Lol.