Apartment living is a money-saver when it comes to monthly mortgage to be considered. However, when it comes to the amenities, utilities, and design of your unit, most of the times, you can not have the perfect unit. For me, I am not so particular with the bedroom, living room, and even bathroom fixtures. I am most concern about the kitchen. Perhaps because I spend a lot of time in the kitchen making foods for my family. The countertop is something that I want to be as spacious as can be. I don’t have a mixer lift but my husband knows it is a must-have in our own kitchen someday.

Most modern houses now have mixer lift or appliance lift. I have been to kitchens that have that and I absolutely love it! It makes the countertop clutter-free and more spacious as you only need to pull it out from the cabinet and push it back to store it. Indeed, a must-have in my own kitchen!