Since Baby Tiara was born, Ate Triz has been such a proud big sister! And since Baby Tiara has outfits that has “I’m the little sister” prints on it, I had to find one or two for the big sister who wants to exclaim to the world that she is indeed the big sister. I couldn’t find any at the stores where I shop so I tried eBaying.

I actually found one that’s brand new and although a bit expensive ($13.99), I had to buy it for Ate Triz.


When it arrived, the little wearer was ecstatic! She immediately wanted to wear it on!

Can you blame her? I couldn’t! She has this super happy look on her face every time she looks at her baby sister and she always tells me her little sister is so precious. Now that makes me a very blessed momma of two girls!

I have yet to find a photo in my archives of her wearing this very shirt. 🙂