Yes, my little 9 months old can walk! That is, through the help of the new Juppy Baby Walker that we got for her.

Juppy baby walker

You see, she is at the stage right now where everything is a trying-hard-moment. She can already crawl and she tries so hard to stand up on her own. She could be so tiring when you give in to what she wants to do with her strength. Thus, a prop like this is just perfect! I even was so excited to try it on the moment it got in my mailbox!

Juppy baby walker

Tiara can walk!

I saw this exact baby walker from a fellow blogger’s Facebook post and I learned that she got it for free in exchange of a review. I tried my luck on it since it would be great to have one without paying for a single penny but I wasn’t lucky enough to have been given the chance. The company didn’t respond to my message and since I badly wanted one, the husband decided to just buy it. The impulsive customer in me went ahead and purchased the pink color so no linkage for you Juppy! Lol.

Great product though! I am getting a lot of help in taking care of my super active 9 months old!

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