What is your child(ren)’s summer activity? Did you enroll them to any summer classes to keep them up and busy?

There are a lot of summer lessons offered by schools and teachers of extra-curricular activities and it is just up to us if we will send our kids to one. We only enrolled our newly-turned 7 years old to a piano lesson and last week was her first session and yes, she enjoyed it and looks forward to the next session with her Piano teacher. The funny thing is, when we got to the school for the first time, she saw a drum course announcement and looked at me with a desire to be on that drum course class. I am sure if she can see this new kid drum at guitar center, she will be asking me or the Dad if it’s possible for us to get her one.

This musically-inclined kiddo of ours has been asking us if she could take two lessons this summer. However, we thought it is best for her to just take one as a start and we agreed that learning the piano will be the priority.