And again, this blog is now resurrected! Yes, it’s been quite a wait and it’s no fun waiting. However, I am thankful that today, after my Sabbath and rest, the moment I logged in, this site is finally alive. Hooray!

And yes, we all have a long weekend because of the Memorial Day holiday, right? So this afternoon, after our R & R, we took a quick walk outside to breathe some good air and enjoyed the beautiful weather. It always is beautiful to me when it is in the 60s and a bit cloudy. It’s actually been raining since yesterday but the Good Lord has given us a couple hours to make the most of the outdoor so we did it.


It is a busy weekend for me! We will be driving off to Milwaukee tomorrow to ship out our balikbayan box and then on Monday, we will leave for Las Vegas for our 2-week-break. Exciting it is, but I still have to do some packing ups. I pray for good health and safe travels for us and all of you who will be taking a long transportation these days! Enjoy the long weekend, everyone!