The bedroom is the SAHM Collector’s favorite hangout these days. When my primary care providers ordered me to stay off from any footwork and be on a modified bed rest, the bedroom and our living room have become the perfect place for me to spend most of the hours while I deal with the remaining days of my pregnancy. Well, it surely helped that we have our new king size bed in our bedroom! The new mattress that we bought is just so perfect! And of course, I got to have the perfect set of beddings for it, too. Luxury Linens that I used are the new ones that I purchased as well, and although a bit pricey, I must say it is the most comfortable linen that I have ever bought!


I am actually kind of addicted to buying more and more bedroom linens now that we have done some bedroom makeovers in our two bedrooms. We have gotten rid of the daughter’s Twin size bed and moved our queen size bed to her room to accommodate my parents-in-law who will be coming soon to spend a month of vacation here. With the new furniture in our bedrooms, you bet– I was able to do some shopping for it!

And I plan to continue checking out nice quality of linens at because I find their luxurious fabrics to be of great quality and they have a lot of choices to choose from.