I got so thrilled when I saw my Ma and Pa-in-law’s vegetable garden in Las Vegas. It is what keeps them up each day and before we went, they’ve been telling us every time that their Malunggay and Camote Tops have been growing healthily. Too bad though that it’s so hot there these days so they really have to keep an eye on the plants– water them every morning and every evening. When I finally saw the pot of Malunggay at the backyard, I was all smiles. Why not, when it was as green and as soup-provoking (LOL) as this:

I was so tempted to pluck the stalk of leaves from it but I had to control myself. Ha ha ha. The husband reminded me that it’s still too little. And the SIL has assured me that she’ll buy me fresh ones from the Asian Store for my cravings to be satisfied. Sure enough, she did, and I was feasting on a Tulingan head soup that night:

Now that I am home, I keep on dreaming of having fresh malunggay around here. Gosh, this vegetable is just so good! And you know what, remember the post I did about my malunggay seeds purchased last month? Well, I planted them last week after we got back from our Vegas vacation hoping that they will live on me and the husband told me that sprouting approximately takes 7 days and today, exactly 7 days from when I put them in the pot, they have sprouted. Yay! I haven’t taken a picture yet but I will soon. I am so excited to see a growing malunggay around here and I hope I can harvest even for just once before winter comes. Good luck to me!

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