I have the foam memory pillow that the husband got me early this year while I dealt with the uneasiness of pregnancy. I must say it is a good thing because it gave a bit of ease with my sleeping position. We don’t have a foam memory mattress though. The daughter has asked me once if we could buy one for as a topper for our bed. She saw this one particular brand of a foam memory mattress and she found it nice and cool. However, I objected to her idea because so far, I have been pretty satisfied with the softness of our new upgraded king size mattress.

4LB ViscoPLUSH Memory Foam Mattress - Blue

Memory foam mattress

A memory foam mattress, I have read and heard, is a good thing to sleep on as it will give your entire body the proper support that it needs. One’s weight is being distributed properly when he lies down making the blood and oxygen circulation better.

Do you use a memory foam mattress or pillow?