Do you know where in Miami can you find a studio that has it all? Splashlight Miami it is!

A friend of mine working in a world-wide company based in Chicago was sent to Miami for a weeklong work assignment which included organizing a small party for the department that she is in and she was needing equipment and materials for the said party including lighting, function hall decoration and set up, and photography. I had to help her find the perfect company that can help her with what she needed because she asked help from me expecting that I know some of those stuff being a blogger.

Sure enough, I have and will recommend now this leading equipment rental house in Miami that has it all! They have a rental studio, an extensive equipment rental center, kitchen and lounge, and from lighting, grip, and digital equipment along with location vans, delivery service, and other production services, you can be sure of their readiness and reliability on those matters.

If you ask me how I know all of these, actually, I have been checking their site out for a while now. That’s because it also was recommended to me by a booking expert so I might as well share it here for others to know.