Next month is Mother’s Day and I still haven’t thought of what to give to my two moms– my own mother and my mom-in-law. They’re both away from me so maybe a gift card or online flower delivery will do. Mothers are the most important people on earth. I am one, and even though I won’t receive any gift from my daughters come Mother’s Day, it would be enough to see them both growing as fine young persons.

My firstborn though asked me one day if a mothers day necklace would be something that I’d be happy to receive.

Mom Bouquet Pendant

She assured me that she won’t buy one as she knew I wouldn’t want her to spend, but she could make one using the set of jewelry beads that I bought for her as her craft materials. It made me feel excited knowing that she has been thinking of a Mother’s Day present all along even if it’s still two months to go.

I sure am blessed with a thoughtful and sweet daughter! 🙂