When you look for a teacher that you think is best for your own child, what is your criteria? When we were researching for a music school for our own daughter last year, it was sort of a tedious task for me. Not only did I research about the music school where I will be enrolling my daughter but I also did a lot of researching about their teachers. We were feeling confident about it at first, especially that we were being given a promo price for a 1-year-session, but when I learned that her piano teacher didn’t have the materials that we expected from her, I was really discouraged. I think I will have check out these cool gia publications from guitar center because they serve as music teachers’ aides and they’re really helpful in the learning process. Although it is sad to have our daughter’s piano lesson be cut off, I actually didn’t regret it because I have lessened our expenses taking out the allotment that supposedly go to the music class. Since she wasn’t learning the materials that we expected her to learn, then it was really worth it. For me as a mom that is.