A baby shower for an expectant mom at a church in WI Rapids who used to be an active churchgoer here in Stevens Point when she and her husband were still students at the university is going to be held tomorrow. I am glad I knew their baby registry is; it makes it easier for me to buy them the baby stuff that they want based on their list. I checked it out last week and I got them these:


Triz was so excited when these were shipped to our home. She thought I was already starting to shop for baby stuff for our own baby. I told her no, and that these were for the new parents Amy and Kyle. And she was even more excited to wrap them up after we bought the gift wrappers and the card! 🙂


All ready to be wrapped!

And Triz was even more excited that I am going to the Baby Shower tomorrow. She insisted that she wants to go with me; she’s a girl anyway so she should be welcome! She said, she doesn’t only want to see lots of gifts for the baby on the party but she wants to see the games played. She thought it’s a lot of fun! 😀


Our presents: all wrapped up!

I assured her I’ll let her come with me, if all things go well tomorrow! It should be fun! I knew it, because I had a lot of fun and thankfulness when I was given a Baby Shower party over 5 years ago during my pregnancy with Triz! 🙂 I love looking at those photos we’ve had from my own baby shower. The daughter is equally ecstatic that she was still in Mamang’s tummy then and yet, she was already given a party and showered with gifts! 😀

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