We spent half of the day yesterday at a friend’s newly-purchased house because the husband and the daughter helped them with the move. I just stayed inside for most of the times enjoying the beautiful interior design of the house and I am so happy for our family friend for being able to get a great deal on the price of the new house. Since it was only a five-year-old home built in 2007, the design is pretty modern and I love the choice of the modern lighting fixtures inside as well– from the living room to the bedroom and the kitchen and dining area. I thought everything was really pretty! I couldn’t help myself from congratulating my friend for such an awesome buy of the house! Really worth it!

My choice, however, for lightings are those that has a modern pendant lighting. I thought this kind is so neat in the dining area:

Vertigo Interior 2 Light Hanging Pendant from Corbett Lighting 113-42 in Bronze/Brick/Browns

Just so beautiful, isn’t it?

The husband, of course, knows exactly what my types are for the lighting and interior design of our dream house. If given the chance, we will be building our own home in our home country in the near future, but if it won’t come yet, a purchased house here in our current haven would do.

The nice thing about finding the perfect lighting fixture for our dream house is that we have a lot of choices, especially when we check out moderndesignerlighting.com! I am actually bookmarking the site because my sister-in-law who is planning for a summer home makeover might find this site relevant.