One would never think that girls won’t play with toy cars unless they are the tomboyish type for a girl, eh? Well, I have girls and sometime last month, when I went to Walgreens and saw these speed wheels on clearance for $.75 each, I didn’t hesitate to grab some, because I knew that my two girls will surely love them! Yep, they like to play with cars and trains, books and pens. Not much into Barbie or American Dolls, which is of course a good thing for me, money-wise! Lol.

My husband and I often tell our kids about our childhood plays. There were no toys for us that were bought by our parents and yet we still had fun. We experimented on so many things including making or inventing our own cars using woods, torn slippers as wheels, and anything around us that were already trash. Haha! Everything then was so priceless and our joys were immeasurable, too. And whenever we tell Triz about it, she would then exclaim she wished she was born during those years, too, as she thought it was more fun during our time than now. Well, she still gets to invent cars and other makeshift stuff here at home using these recycled boxes and other cardboard materials though. She still gets to have some fun, only that there are not a lot of friends to play with her unlike back in Philippines! 😀

So, you think that toy cars are just for boys? Nah!

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