I am so thankful to my older sister’s best friend in Japan for sending me the kind of eye drop that I truly love. Rather, that my eyes truly love. It is the Neo FX Eye Drop made in Japan.

NEO FX Eye Drop
Yep, another collection added in my medicine or first aid kit!

I’ve tried this one for the first time when I went home to Philippines and my eyes got so irritated with the so many pollutants back home, particularly dust. I tried so many brands from the pharmacy but nothing made my eyes feel better, until my sister arrived from Japan with this brand which they use, too. It is absolutely a great product. The only one that I brought here since January of 2010 when I came home from that vacation already run out, and so I am thankful that Ate Ganda sent me two which I got in the mail early this week.

Most often than not, there are just those kinds of products that fit our suit us, ad this one is what it is for my eyes!