Ever since our oven/ cooking range has been replaced by our landlord, I have resurrected my baking mode and have been baking every of often now more than ever. My problem is the baking pans I got which makes my bread burn so last week, I purchased a new baking pan, just the nonstick one, and will just use a parchment paper over it.

I desired for the stoneware baking pan from Pampered Chef but for now, I can’t afford it yet so I’ll just settle with this cheap kind. LOL.

Baking is good. It is my bonding with Triz who loves baking and it gives us yummy breads on our table. If you ask me to show you the products we’ve made, I am afraid you might drool on it because honestly, they’re really good. The pandedal, pan de coco, and now, pan de mongo! 🙂

Hmm… the new year 2013 has started so good for us food-wise! 😀