Aside from being a bag-aholic and a shoe-holic, I also love collecting window curtains. When I go to a store, although it isn’t my intention to buy for one, whenever I see some that are on sale, I always end up taking it with me to the counter. When I and the husband are together, he can never comprehend why I keep on buying new curtains even if I have just purchased a new set recently. He loves it though, and appreciates it a lot when I change our curtains. Ironic, right?  That’s what men are when it comes to home decors and stuff like that. Lol.

Anyway, the recent purchase I did for a curtain transpired online. I happened to see this Christina Collection Voile Panels with Grommets from 1saleaday and because the price was on sale– just $8.99 for a 2-pack, I didn’t delay. I bought two packs right away because I thought it was worth it!

I was attracted to this curtain’s versatility. In the commercial photo, it looks so elegant and is always in style.

Christina Collection Voile Panels with Grommets

I thought the voile fabric is gorgeous and the sheer curtains deliver a sophisticated look. I bought it and waited for it in the mail and I am thinking to use it right away as the weather gets warmer. Well, the other day, it arrived in my doorstep and now, I’ll just wait for the perfect time to change our window curtains. Maybe on Sunday.

1saleaday curtains

One thing I like about shopping for curtains more often is that I need not keep them in my closet for forever. Every time I ship out a balikbayan box to Philippines, I always put in the old sets of curtains that I have which I know will be good ones to be used by my family back home.

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