Hello 366 Blog Photo Challenge loyals!

I am your new host for the 11th month of project BPC! It is supposed to be Mommy Genny’s stint, but she said she’s too busy to do it, so I am volunteering myself, just so BPC will continue until the last day of this year. Don’t worry, we have only 2 more months left.


I’m your November BPC driver! 🙂

So BPC loyals, keep sharing your daily entries in this blog of mine. Http://www.sahmcollections.com will be the November host so come daily and share this URL to others who are looking for me! 😉

It is not too big at all, but for those who will be able to complete the 30 days of November sharing a post for BPC under my hosting, I will be giving away $5 each to that person via Paypal. If there’s 10 of you, I am willing to give away a total of $50. Yay! Like I said, it’s not big, but it will be enough for a little treat. November is Thanksgiving month after all. What do you think?

Ready for a BPC November ride with me?

Share your today’s entry now! Linky will remain open for only 4 days from the day it is posted so add your link as early as you can! And of course, visit each other’s links shared, too. That’s the essence of this meme, you know!

This is my 257th of the 366. Please link to http://www.sahmcollections.com when you join. Thank you!