For those who knew me, you know that I am a Registered Nurse wannabe. As much as I want to, I’d love to speed up the process of fulfilling my Nursing dream but for now, I still am not in the perfect timing. Sure, I’d love to do one of those travel nursing jobs out there if I can. I thought traveling while working is interesting as it can help me see myself as a really strong and competent person in the field. However, I’m sure having a family to look after work every every day or every night would really be hard for a mom to do a job that requires so much traveling. But then, it really just depends! has a listing of current Nursing job openings in the country. It is an absolute helpful website for anyone in the healthcare industry who is still looking out for a job opening. What’s great about this site is that you as an applicant can post your own resume and let the employers find you through what you posted. That would really be a breeze, isn’t it?

So, are you an aspiring Nurse like me? Or you’re Registered Nurse already and a job is now what you’re up to? Either of the two, both links I have shared are really valuable and relevant sites for you to check out.