I was browsing my archive of albums here in my hard drive and I stumbled upon the photos I have from the month of July. On Triz’s 6th birthday was the album as the husband and I reminisced a great deal the fun and thrill we’ve had that week. It was the hotest week ever and I was all swollen, so ready to give birth. Ah… there were just so many memories that time.

Anyway, as I was looking at the photos, I realized that I was able to take a picture of all the presents that Triz received. The cards were piled up, too, and this one’s my most favorite among them: the birthday card that our church family sent:




The inside of Triz’s card

I love how our church family values us so much. They always send us birthday cards whenever we have birthdays. From my birthday last March to Triz’s birthday last July to the husband’s birthday last two weeks ago, they never fail to remember us. They also celebrated with us during Baby Tiara’s arrival. I still have to take a photo though of the beautiful card that they sent us to congratulate us for having Tiara. It was lovely!

I browsed again my photo archive to the month of March and in the birthday album, I saw this card for me:


The message is extra nice to read! 🙂

And then, on the husband’s birthday, they sent him a card, too, which, as always, put a smile on our faces. The inside of the husband’s card read like this:


Inside the hubby’s birthday card

I don’t only love the gesture that our church family gave us (and continue to give each single day), but the message they’re sending us through the handwritten penmanship on the card as well. So personalized. It’s so nice to belong to a church that values you and your family a lot. They always pray for us, think of us, and rejoice with us in every triumph we celebrate. Our Seventh-day Adventist Church does that, and I would never compromise being one. 🙂