My friend E has been asking if our new keyboard has been working real well since we got it. I told her yes, even though we don’t have Moog Synthesizers for it, but if she can come, she could surely use it for her musical commitments at church. She asked me if I need anything for my pregnancy so she can prepare something to bring when they come in April but I old her not to bother. Besides, I am enjoying the last present that she sent me before Valentine’s Day. It’s this:


It’s a cutie bear hugging a body perfume with a scent that I really, really love. E surely knows me well given the type of present she gave me! She doesn’t have to give me back in response to everything I have given but she still does. Guess that’s what mutual friendship is all about, isn’t it?

Anyway, I am looking forward to have them over in April. I hope everything will push through so that there will be no cancellations. 🙂