Yay for our new set of a paired watch– for the hubby and myself!

Actually, I didn’t buy the expensive kind. My husband, a simple man that he is, doesn’t really mind wearing a $5 worth of a watch. As a matter of fact, it’s what he’s been wearing before, if he’ll buy it himself. See, there’s lots of those kinds at Walmart or Big Lots, and he is after the timing, not the price. As long as the battery works well and it tells him the right time, he’s okay. The brand? He’s not after it.

Lucky me, I know!

Right now, this is our new pair. I bought this last October actually, when we moved in to a different residency. His almost 3-year-old-Pulsar (the most expensive watch he was worn, lol) which I bought him before gave up on him during our moving process because the strap got tangled and was torn apart. It still worked well, but he put it in the Balikbayan box and sent it to Philippines. There, the strap could be replaced and still be used again. When it got destroyed, I told him not to buy a new one as I’ll do it myself.

And this is what I got for us: a Black and Pink Activa watch:


He loves his black, I love my pink, and our friends who have noticed it loved it too! 😀


Our paired and on time tiny wrists

Let’s see how long this will last us. I have a few more watches aside from this, but hubby doesn’t have anything else but this. He uses it every day but I don’t, since I am just at home. At a price I paid ($32 for these two; originally priced at $49 each), I hope these will stay good for at least a year or two!

I wear watch for necessity and for fashion. I am a sucker of watches and right now, I have a precious Alessandra Olla Firenze that my bestsister bestfriend gifted me that last time we were together. That was in January of 2010 when I last went home to Philippines. She gave it to me so preciously saying that it is her souvenir from the last salary she had from her last work in Japan. It still works great until now, and it always delights her to know that I am still taking good care of it until now. 🙂

How about you? What’s the most expensive and most precious watch you got?