Our new king size mattress has been serving us well for several months now. We got it over the summer as an upgrade to our queen size usage and because dealing with pregnancy made me demand a softer spot to sleep on, too. It is an organic mattress, made in the USA, and so far, everything is good! We did not get it from this bedroom furniture los angeles which is a famous mattress shop in California but I am contented with the services that the furniture store where we got it from offered.

We went to the store to buy it. We instantly paid for it when we decided what exact brand we will go for and when we found the perfect kind, we were giddy. Mind you, it isn’t easy to look for that perfect mattress that also match its price. Delivery was done a couple days later. Plus, it was the delivery guys who installed it in our bedroom.

Now, we love what we have in our bedroom for rest and more of it. Co-sleeping becomes even more fun for the four of us with a super spacious bed to sleep on!