This picture was taken exactly one year ago today:


Outside the Asian Garden restaurant in Appleton, WI where we had lunch

That’s when we went to Appleton, Wisconsin to get rid of our only 7-month-old Kia Sorento in exchange of a minivan. The 2011 Grand Caravan is what we three chose and the color mango tango was Triz’s choosing! Not bad, as it was the brightest color we could see on the road. 😀

So yeah, our mango tango Grand Caravan is now one year in our hands. Yay, it survived! There was only 33 miles on it when we drove it home, and now, there’s 6,400 miles already. We have a 5-year-mortgage for it but thanks to the husband, he has paid half of our debt for it already! No wonder we don’t have any savings at all because hubby has to pay more for it so that our mortgage won’t reach five years.

So far, everything is great engine-wise. It’s the space that we love the most as it can transport a lot of stuff anytime because of its stow ‘n go feature. We need another vehicle that has a bigger MPG to serve the husband on his daily commute to work but now that we still don’t have any budget, we’ll continue to survive on this Mango Tango that has served us for one year now! 🙂