It always put a huge smile on your face whenever the mailman knocks at your door and delivers a package or more. Do you like it every time a box or two or more await you in your front door? I know you’ll say yes to it, because it always excites us when we expect something in the mail. It is the most exciting when we don’t expect it so I was really thrilled to see these 3 huge boxes in my front door yesterday afternoon. I wondered what could they be and from whom.


3 huge boxes that the UPS guy delivered

Well, the top most box are shoes and slippers that the husband and I bought online, at! The middle box is an electronic thingy that the husband also ordered. The one that’s on the bottom was the heaviest and I couldn’t guess where it came from, but when I finally saw the sender, I didn’t wonder anymore why the heaviness. It came from Newman’s Own Organics and they’re products that are so good, sent to me to try and do a review and giveaway and I hope all my US friends will join the fun in this giveaway that I’ll be doing! 🙂


The NOO yumminess!

For now, lemme go ahead and do the review and giveaway post of the inside of that box in the bottom! He he he. All three boxes were good stuff, but the most bottom was the yummiest! 😀

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