Kids are a lot of fun, oh yes! They sure make you occupied all the time. When swithart and I had our Triz, she brought fulfillment and contentment to our desires. At first, I very much wanted a baby boy as all but 2 of my pamangkins were girls. But when Triz arrived, she is so precious that we couldn’t ask for anything more beautiful. She’s just a blessing!

Now more than ever, most parents, if not, all make it a point to throw a party for their kids’ birthday. I for one have tried to make my Triz’s first birthday a blast. We only had a small get-together event here at home with few close friends present but I believe it was so much fun. Being a July 4th baby, we didn’t need to throw a big celebration for her anyway as the US considers it their huge event. In fact, our July 4th night was spent at a park watching the gigantic fireworks display over there. And let me tell you, we all had fun!

Talking about birthday parties, I know of some friends here who are preparing for their daughter’s birthday blowouts. JennyR and Vicky, good luck to the preparations you are doing beforehand. And if you’re looking for some cool and fun games to do on your kid’s special time, I’ve got 2 of them for suggestions! Why don’t you take some time here to read it for your getting?!

*1*  “Coyote Tagging”
Materials: **Some sticks (wooden/Styrofoam/or anything that could make a circle on the ground or lawn. **children 6 or more
How To Play:
1. Using the materials, make two big circles opposite each other. Maybe 10 yards apart.
2. There should be one coyote among the players. Choose one or pick a volunteer. When chosen or being picked, let him stay halfway through the circles. Let all the players stay inside one circle. There should be a referee. Once the referee decides to start by a warning, those players inside the circle must make a move to go out from that circle and run, transfer to the other circle in the opposite side. When any player has started going out from that circle, the coyote must go chase any of the players and tag that player. Once tagged, he became the second coyote, then the third, then the fourth, until every player has been tagged. BUT for the player to be safe, he has to hurry get inside the circle because once he’s inside, he is safe and he will not be touched and tagged. Repeat the process over again by picking a different coyote each time!
It’s a fun game! Adults can join the fun! We’ve actually played this last summer and here’s our photos!

*2*Fill That Bucket!
Materials:*4 buckets, 2 will be half-full of water while the other 2 empty. *2 big sponges. *children 6 or more
How to Play:
Divide the players into 2 teams. Each team will have 2 of the 4 buckets, 1 half-full and 1 empty, and 1 big sponge each. Place the half-full bucket and empty bucket maybe 8 yards apart with the empty bucket being in front of the first player of every team who were in line and who is holding the sponge. When the referee signals to start, the first player in line will quickly go to the half-full bucket, soak the sponge making sure that the sponge was fully dipped and soaked for it to contain water and bring it back again to where the empty bucket is and there squeeze the sponge. Then let the 2nd player in line do the same process next. Then the third. Then the next. The goal is to transfer the water from the half-filled bucket to the empty one just by using the sponge, thus filling it. The quickest team to accomplish with much more water in the bucket wins.
Good game for kids and even adults!

Have fun and good luck party-makers!