Oh wow! It has been a while since I last updated this blog! It has been a little busy lately for this SAHM blogger, you know! If not for the video chatting I did last night to my sisters back home and me seeing Wasabi, our family’s dog back home, I wouldn’t be reminded to mention right now that need for a pet bed of our family pet back home. I have been told with the survival story of our dog during the flooding last December and the trauma that this poor creature went through. I am just glad that he survived, and I hope we will still see him on our next homecoming. The daughter says Wasabi is the only dog that she likes petting so I can tell that she’ll really be delighted to see him the next time we’ll go home.

As for a friend here that has a dog, I bet she will love the pet beds I saw online that are on sale. She has mentioned her desire to get one soon so I will have to share this link with her.