Canvas Printing, anyone? Before, I was just until photo printing stuff with sizes that would fit my regular size albums of 4×4 or 5×7 and then some enlargements of  up to 8×10 for framing to be displayed in my wall of frame or on counter tops and cabinets or shelves. I was interested with photo canvas but because they are too pricey, I just said no. However, when I was given a chance to work with a photo printing company which let me order a canvas for free, it was an offer too sweet and nice to be declined. I grabbed the chance right away and chose a Spring 2013 capture of my two beautiful daughters to be printed into a canvas. I received it in a quickie and I am so satisfied with the product!

My first canvas print ever!

Isn’t it a great choice? Please understand that as a mom, I do love my own daughters! Lol.

Anyway, after that first canvas print that I got, I am now convinced that photos made into canvas is a great collection. It is a good way of preserving those beautiful memories captured by our photos and in a home with proper home insulation and beautiful interior design, photo canvases hanging on walls are I think a pleasant thing to look at. I say ‘proper’ home insulation because here in the US, a house should have that in order to maintain the right condition in the inside and make everyone comfortable especially during winter. Without a good home insulation, bills on heating will be sky-rocketing and everybody will be freezing cold. Also, the stuff inside the house will be protected as well from the cold with a correct home insulation.

Meanwhile, I have to ask the husband to explain to me what a sheet metal fabrication is all about. I am poor when it comes to mechanical terms like this as it is simply not my field of interest. On the other hand, my husband is a Mechanical Engineer and he has a lot to say about fabrication and machining. He doesn’t practice his engineering degree though as he chose to be a mentor by being a Math Professor but even then, he still retains the basic engineering skills he has learned back then.