I hated shopping for Black Friday last week, after Thanksgiving Day but I had to go out in order to get the things that I have desired at a much lesser price. Sure enough, there were some good buys done, like a tent, a bean bag horseshoes game for family, a pilates exercise kit, microplush blankets and some more. I couldn’t endure the overcrowded atmosphere at any stores that we went to even though we hit the store at 1PM already. I thought that day was indeed a shopper’s day!

Here’s the purchase that I love the most– microplush throw and queen/king size of blankets:


My fave Black Friday purchase for 2011

Got the Ultraplush throw blanket at Kmart for $5.99 from it’s original price of $16.99, and the huge-size blankets at Biglots for $15.99 each from its original price of $59.99. How’s that? Blank Friday that really was!


Now I can eagerly say, “Bring on the cold temperature!!!” because I have my plush blankets now to cover me warmly! Ha ha ha. I remember I shopped for the same stuff last year’s Black Friday and so you can imagine a collection of blankets here in my linens’ closet! Lol.