The Author of this post is Cheryl Martinez

I made it a priority to find a Hughesnet Dealer in my area so I could get online quick and start planning a surprise beach vacation for my girlfriend and I. When I took this job it meant I had to move away from her and we’ve been long distance ever since which hasn’t been easy. She’s an amazing woman and I know she’s being really patient with me right now so I want to plan a great trip with us to meet up in January instead of just making her fly here. I haven’t told anyone else but I’m thinking about proposing to her when we go away. Now all I have to do is start shopping for a ring and picking out the right beach place for all this to go down…I think it’s going to be the best trip ever! I love how surprised she’s going to be once we get to the beach and THEN how surprised she’s going to be when I get down on one knee!