Spring cleaning, here I come!

I have started my first round of Spring Cleaning after seeing my dusty purses in the dark corner where my dresses are hanged. I realized how much of a hoarder I am of bags and it’s NOT good at all! I had to take them out one by one, open the inside, and was even able to recover a few bills and lots of coins plus a lot of extra accessories in them. Geee, I definitely am a bagaholic!

Now, I have these over 10 pieces of bags to get rid of. My balikbayan box is so ready for them and hopefully, they can be useful to my sisters, nieces, and relatives back home.

 photo 3-24bags_zps0bfe735f.png

Goodbye bags! No more hoarding for 2013! Lol.

I told my sister that if nobody wants these, she can sell it and we could divide the gross. LOL. They are mostly in mint condition and most of them are Guess, TH, Playboy, Mudd, there’s a CK, a JLo, a Fendi given by my older sister which I don’t like (lol), etc. Sorry, I can’t let go of my COACH and a few more from my fave brands just yet. LOL.

The husband though has predicted what’s to come next. That after getting rid of these, I’ll still be buying for a new one or two especially if I can see a price that has really plunged down. Indeed, my husband knows his shopaholic wife so well! Haha!

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