My not-so-fond of shopping-for-fashion stuff daughter is not the best person to take with you for a retail therapy. As I have mentioned in my old post, Triz doesn’t want to stay for long at a clothing section. She is not into choosing what she wants for a dress because according to her, she has had enough of expensive dresses! Lol. The reason why she said that is because in the past, whenever we hit the mall and we’d look around for nice stuff, I always contradict her findings using the not-so-friendly price. So, when she sees a particular piece of clothing, I would then tell her to look at the price. My principle is that anything that’s more than $15 for just a pants or a shorts or a shirt or a dress is already expensive. It’s not worth buying! I know, I am such a cheap mama, and my daughter very well knows that! Lol.

However, last week’s shopping trip was different. We needed to go to Shopko to take advantage of their 3-day-sale and we also needed to get ourselves some school supplies. I was able to convince her to go with me because of the school supply stuff so off we went, just the two of us!

We did buy all the necessary school materials that we both need, and some more which we will bring to Philippines next year– crayons, notebooks, pens, and pencils, because the sale prices are really good. To add more patience inside the mall, I offered to take her to the footwear section and find a pair of shoes that she likes. Her response to my offer? “How much are you willing to pay for my news shoes, Mang?” I LOL-ed. Really laugh a lot. This girl surely knows her frugal mama too well! And then I challenged her to find a pair that’s less than $30!

Shopping with Triz

Thanks to the 3-day-sale that we took advantage of; she did find one that she really liked! An Avia Kids Running Shoes which was on sale for $22 only from the $49 original price.

Avia Running shoes for Triz

Last June, I offered to treat her to something she wants as my reward for having done an awesome job in First Grade. She saw a Skechers shoes that was really nice and asked me if I can buy it for her but the $42 price tag didn’t let me get it for her. I told her I forgot to mention how much is it that I was willing to to pay for the treat and a pair of shoes that’s over $30 is already out of budget so she said she will just forget about that pair of a Skechers shoes. This time, she got lucky! Well, I told her she deserves everything that she wants for being an awesome daughter but added that in life, it isn’t good and necessary to get everything that we want, especially if it’s just material things as there are more important stuff that matter more. And then she ended, “Yeah, right. More important stuff like helping other people that don’t have much!” 

That quick shopping trip with my 7-year-old firstborn is one of those moments that my heart treasures the most. It makes me realized that I collect, not only “inexpensive shoes” but practical views and guided principles in my daughter that I think are worthy in life!

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