Have you experienced vacationing in one of those beachfront rentals accommodation? I have had, and because we went as a family, it became even more special. So special that up until now, I couldn’t forget about it. That was in the Fall of 2008 when we spent the Labor Day week in Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. Ah… I could enumerate all of the things that we did and enjoyed that time but I’d rather not. I’ll just let my memories wander one more time.

Meanwhile, here’s a very pleasant beach rental accommodation that’s worth dreaming, too!

Conrad Cabana

Photo taken from beachhouse.com

It is the Conrad Cabana in Longboat Key, Florida. I must say it is a gorgeous and great place to stay for a family escapade. We don’t have a plan for a vacation yet, but when one occurs for us, I will definitely include a list of vacationing near the beach because I so miss the ocean very much now!