I got a simple kind, but definitely, a cool one in a 3G network! It’s just a Samsung Propel actually!

These days, cell phones are a must, don’t you agree? Well, I think only my husband feels that he doesn’t need one! With his access to a phone in his office and an unlimited internet connection, he thinks he never needs a phone. But boy is he wrong! When he travels to places, that’s when he sees the need. And I am thankful he’s gotten himself an also cool one when I had an upgrade of mine. When I was in Philippines, I used this cellphone. Being a world phone, I only had to unlock it and it’s already usable. Its cam and video is great, but I had to be very careful though as it could be snatched away from me anytime by burglars flooding the country. LOL. How about you, what kind of cell phone do you like? So far, I am contented with mine. But if you’re thinking of getting a new one or upgrading to the latest, thesource.ca has great deals on cell phones, just so you know!