It’s amazing how time flies by so quick! It seems like it was just yesterday when I dragged my self to come back to blogging for almost a full force and one way of doing it is to be back to regularly posting for a BPC entry. Under Avi‘s hosting stint, I did come back and was able to post a daily challenge since September 1st until today when September ends.

And, what better way to end this month than share this September coolness in my fridge? Uhm… ice candies, anyone?

True, the temperature has cooled down here in our neck of the woods but it can’t stop me from feasting on icy stuff still. I made these ice candies of Buko with peanuts flavor and I planned to stock these until December. I am not sure if it will last that long though, because the three of us have been enjoying it almost every day. Lol.

September 2012 has now ended and I say “Bring it on, October!” I look forward to what the new month would offer. I’m sure there will be more exciting things ahead for us! 😉

My 225th of the 274/366 BPC