What sheepskin products do you personally have?

For me, I like everything made of sheepskin. Of course, the obvious reason is because it’s so warm and cozy when you touch or it touches your skin. I wished that our vehicle has sheepskin seat covers. If they do, it would be as comfortable and warm as this front seats pictured below!

Sheepskin Seat Insert

Oh how perfect it would be especially that the winter season is here and it’s been really cold and chilly when we go out. It helps a bit that our car seats are made of fabrics. But our steering wheel? Nope! They’re still made of leather and yes, without gloves, they’re too cold to hold. It is one of the reasons why I dislike driving during the winter.

I should tell the husband to get us some sheepskin products for our car. If not for the seats, at least for the steering wheel.

Meanwhile, I am also eyeing on this selection of sheepskin rugs. The living room floor looks really nice with a sheepskin rug. Pretty soon, our Little Tiara will start maneuvering our floor as she learns to crawl and I believe that one way of making her feel warm is the presence of rugs on our floor. Triz has expressed how much she loves those sheepskin rugs we often could enjoy at the kids room at church and she wishes we can have one here at home.

I better check out comfysheep.com and see if there’s one that we could really afford!