The husband got home from his Texas trip earlier today and this afternoon, I decided to make an impromptu trip to Kmart to check out their summer clearance because I haven’t visited the store for quite a time already. Guess who was with me? My not-so-fond-of-shopping 7-year-old kiddo!  She initially offered to go with me so I won’t be sad going to the store alone and then asked if she can have a McDonal’s meal after in exchange for her chaperoning to which I didn’t decline because she sounded so sincere in her bargaining plea. Lol. Do you think she had fun roaming Kmart for an hour or so? HAH! She only smiled when I asked her to for a quick shopping pose. LOL. Her usual lines while inside the store? “Mang, hurry up! I already had enough of all these clothes I am seeing!” So yeah, this girl cannot be trusted as a shopping buddy! Not at all.

She hadn’t had any choice though but to walk around with me. I had to remind her that it was she who offered to go so she has to bear with me. Even the clearance section didn’t attract her at all. Lol.

Anyway, yes– there were plenty of racks in the clearance section which were just 99 cents a piece but there were not a lot for me to choose from anymore as mostly of those that were left were huge sizes. I still was able to get over 30 items though so it was good. Shorts, tops, slippers, and hats. Not bad for additional stuff in the balikbayan box!

We stopped by Walgreens first to pick up my free 8×10 collage print which I ordered online and was able to take advantage of the Halloween sweets that were 50% off. The candies and chocolates will also be great stuff for the Pinas loved ones.

Fun shopaholic Sunday for me but my companion looked at it as her bonding moment with Mom. And of course, it was a way to end the weekend!

How about you guys– how did you spend your Sunday?

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