We were just listening to a video recording of our former singing group back in Philippines doing a song which they really rendered beautifully. It was still a practice as a matter of fact as they were asked to do three songs for a local TV program and as the husband and I were having a good time watching at our very own church family and friends having gone too far in their singing talent, we are definitely so happy for them. Not having enough props and materials though which they can use, they are asking for financial support or soliciting donations for musical instruments or studio and production equipment. An Ampeg Bass amplifier is one of those that they look forward to having as it will be really useful for their recording plans and the husband and I are looking for ways send one to them. It looks like it’s cheaper to buy one here especially that I saw some that are on sale right now so maybe getting them one from here will better.

If you don’t know it, a bass amplifier can also be a good gift to give to someone you know who is a musically inclined person. It will truly be a good addition to his music props. Make it one of the items in your holiday shopping list if you can think of someone who will really be a delighted recipient of one.