I did shovel some snow for the first time today! The result? Man, I am all so sore right now!

It has been snowing since the SAHM got up at 6 in the morning. It stopped at half past 10, and I suggested to myself that I should try clearing the pathway because if I don’t, the husband who will do it will not come home until 4PM. We need to have a snow-free pathway so the daughter and I went out and shoveled what needs to be shoveled. I must confess, doing it for the first time was exciting and… HARD.

Now, I am starting to feel sore. Although that was an exercise for me, still, it got me so tired. I thought I should do it again next time so I’ll get used to it. I am blaming the hubby for not letting me do it in the past. He must have loved me so much for not letting me feel sore afterwards. LOL.

Now, I have a nice collection to add to my list: a pile and pile of snowflakes I have shoveled in our 30-yard pathway. Well, it was just 2 or 3 inches accumulations, but because I am a first-timer, please don’t blame me for complaining of the hard work I have done! LOL.